The ultrashea

"It doesn't have to be fun to be fun"

-Mark Twight

"We don't make sacrifices. If we truly love this sport and we have these goals and dreams in the sport, the classroom, or in life, they're not sacrifices. They're choices that we make to fulfill these goals and dreams."

-Deena Kastor

"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift"

-Steve Prefontaine

Why yes, I would like a heaping cup of pain….

To start the new year off right, I decided to spend a couple hours today doing the Sufferfest Double Challenge.  At roughly 1000CST this morning, I started with The Downward Spiral

Starting the Sufferfest Double

60 minutes of The Downward Spiral, a very short (sub-2 minute) break of easy pedaling, then 60 minutes of Fight Club

Why yes, I would like to tear your legs off and beat you to death with them

and then, I was done. In more ways than one.

Done and hurting

120 minutes, 2 bottles of Cytomax, many, many calories, and lots and lots of elevated heart rate time (see below)

Heart rate graph for the Sufferfest Double Challenge

Showered up quickly after the ride, mixed/drank a bottle of Gu Recovery, and finished refueling with the traditional SheaStack (eggs over easy sandwiched between pancakes).  Since then, I’ve eaten the following (and I’ll still end up low on calories by bed time, most likely):

  • 1 Clif Builder’s Bar
  • 1 Subway double-meat 6” roast beef sub
  • Double portion high-protein pasta
  • 1 oz wild boar salami
  • 1.5oz black olives
  • 1 glass Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais Blanc

It’s about 8 hours later, and my legs are still fried.  Right now, I’m really wishing the bedroom was on the first floor of my house.  Tomorrow I’ll do an easy 4 hours of base mileage on the trainer and finish setting up the exercise room/torture chamber.

The full set of pictures for my Sufferfest Double Challenge are available in a set on Flickr.